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  1. kumzdj

    kumzdj New Member

    can any one post tabs 4 thupakki theme ??? its cool !!!
  2. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    thuppaaki had theme ?
  3. Come on Pearl Sir,
    ... You shouldn't be discouraging anybody like that.
    We are all here on IGT because we are better than the cheapos who fight on yooutube abusing heros other than their favorites.
    We are here for ONE reason. Music. Above all differences of religion, race, caste, and fanaticism.
    Let us try to tab this theme. It is a pretty catchy tune.
    Remember how much we enjoyed trying to tab 7G theme, "3-moonu" BGM, Mankatha and Billa 2 themes?
    It is all in the music.... GOD himself is Music.
  4. Hi kumzdj,
    I will start tabbing it, but am really really busy these days... I mean I am working and I have a very important exam coming up in ten days...
    So, I will tab and post the Starting part.
    I hope seniors like Pearl Sir, Sathya Sir etc will chip in and help us complete it.
  5. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    do not get emotional dude... Music is simple... which ever sound u like... its called music.. I am against nobody... the same HJ's 'anal mele' is my all time fav...

  6. I meant no offense though.. I surely know you have great music taste bro...
    Anyways, Thanks for understanding bro..
    I am not Tamizh, but i love Raja Sir's music, and I really don't like the kind of war fans of vijay-ajith are at ;)
    Keep rocking,
  7. Ok here are the tabs for the main riff that starts at 00:18 in the video quoted above...


    am not really satisfied with this in c major key... so i tried this too... please play and tell me which sounds better...


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