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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nmrtaa, May 21, 2009.

  1. nmrtaa

    nmrtaa New Member

    Hi guys I am Namrata Shinde and I am a beginner
    I would like to make friends who will help me learn new things
    And be able to play guitar as I wish to
  2. Vipul Pargi

    Vipul Pargi New Member

    hey namrata as like u me also a new bee....though i know few tunes which i can play but don't know hw 2 describe em.... actully i can not read the tabs....so i hope u may help me....
  3. gossipdoll24

    gossipdoll24 New Member


    hey m tanu.. me too a beginner but i learnt playin d tabs n chords quite fast...
  4. nmrtaa

    nmrtaa New Member

    Hi gossipdoll and vipul
    well i can read tabs and and know all basic chords
    and play a lotta songs
    but i usually play english songs
    so i jus need help with hindi songs
    also can someone tell me how to start a thread
    i wanted to submit the chords n a part of lead of hotel california the ones i have replaced to suit my style of learnin!
  5. aditigarg93

    aditigarg93 New Member

    hi guys....even im a newbie like you guys..the name is aditi....i just picked up a guitar three weeks back nd i cant play much..except happy birthday...everynight in my dreams...nd hero by enrique...
  6. nmrtaa

    nmrtaa New Member


    Hi Ads
    U should try the easy songs
    so that ur familiar withe strummin patterns and comfortable with chord shifts

    here are a few

    1) Love story - Taylor Swift
    2) Leaving On a Jet Plane - John Denver
    3) I Miss You - Miley Cyrus
    4) Aicha - Outlandish
    5) Last Christmas - George Michael
    6) Sleeping with the light on - Busted
    7) Making love out of nothing at all - Boney Tyler / Air Supply
    8) Summer of 69 - Bryam Adams
    9) Words - Boyzone
    10) Sealed with a kiss - Brian Hyland

    Others can use em too
    u can begin with these song
    they are so easy that u can finish all in 2 -3 days
  7. suprita

    suprita New Member


    hi ppl,
    hav started learning guitar jus a few months bak n m still working on the chordes.
    i knw how to play a few hindi songs but need help wid the english ones....

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