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    I've been visiting this forum a lot, but this is the first time I'm introducing myself :) I'm basically a keyboardist sufficiently fluent in western and carnatic music, and would love to be a part of any discussion on music. Not really familiar with the guitar much, but still going to give it a shot :)
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    Welcome Aboard!!!

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    Welcome to IGT ,

    Hope you Enjoy your time here, and learn new things , and possibly Share your Knowledge .
    Please Browse for Correct Section Before Posting Threads .
  4. Welcome bro,
    Hope you can share your knowledge with us.
    And you too will become a better guitarist soon, especially with the music knowledge you have.
    Enjoy your stay at IGT.
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    welcome to this forum site
    here you can find a lot of things
    the forum are the way where you can share your views and ideas


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