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  1. Andi

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    Just registered to this community but, been in touch with since 2005, i was just lookin for chords of a song, found, but i think its not correct, so, in frustration and to make some corrections, here i am. by d way the song was 'wada karo nahin chordoge tum mera saath' from the movie 'Aa Gale Lag Jaa'. In Every posts i found the chords for that song are in 'Am' Scale, but when played it, its so high pitched, almost a note high, it should be in 'Gm' Scale, but if u listen the song, still its not exactly on the perfect note (as per the standard tuning), i've to lower the tempo/scale to get the exactly on the notes. to play on 'Gm' just lower all the chords a whole note down whatever are in the posts. try it.
    by d way i'm a guitarist,singer,composer(a lil bit)
  2. alpha1

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    First check whether the guitar is tuned with A string = 110 Hz.
  3. Andi

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    hi Alpha1,
    thanks for ur concern,
    ya, that i already mentioned, tuned on standard frequencies, as shown in the table below

    String | Note | Frequency | Scientific pitch notation
    -------- | ----- | ------------| --------------------
    1 (Highest) | e' | 329.63 Hz | E4
    2 | b | 246.94 Hz | B3
    3 | g | 196.00 Hz | G3
    4 | d | 146.83 Hz | D3
    5 | A | 110.00 Hz | A2
    6 (Lowest) | E | 82.41 Hz | E2

    i've many tuners (both hardware & software) if u have that song, just check it out. and of course, if u think that somethings wrong with my findings please feel free to advice. thanks again.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Can you give a specific thread where the "wrong" chords are posted?
  5. Keoraf

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    If the chords are good it doesn't matter in what scale it is played, i guess you know that.
    But you are right, it should be mentioned the chords are posted in another scale as the original!
    Sometimes the source is the main factor, it mostly happens with old songs, because the source was a bad turntable, cassette deck etc.

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