hi everyone!!!!!:)

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    hi my frnds!!!!
    im new to this site nd as well as to guitar!!!!
    so i wud like know more abt the gutars from the pros, if they want me to have the knowledge. i always wanted to play a guitar myself but never relly got the chan bcoz we were very poor nd dint had money to buy a guitar now the things r changed nd i have my own guitar but dont know how to play it properly.....i know all the chords nd all but the strummin nd the mutin effects r problem for me....do cud u all giv me suggestions for wat r the basics in strummin nd muttin effects. my chord shiftin is quite good.... nd i play sum simple songs wit not much mutin effect nd all!!!!!
    im a medical student studying in russia now in 5th year!!!!! hope u all will help me....
    thankin all,

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