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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rohit Nalluri, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Rohit Nalluri

    Rohit Nalluri New Member

    I am new to Indian Guitar Tabs! and new to Guitar itself. I am gonna need the help of all you experienced guitarists out there so that i can learn how to play the guitar properly too.

    So my fist question to all of you guys is - Do i need to know all the details about how to play a guitar to play a song, or can i directly play the songs by looking at the tabs and practice?

    I'd really appreciate a response!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Have a great day! :)
  2. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    Start playing. Everything else takes care of itself.
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    Get the basics correct... First learn how to play a guitar rather den songs... N dont listen to dis chakka, he is a noob.
  4. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    Giving bad advice to a new guy just to get back at me? thats a little sad dont you think?

    Learning songs is a part of the basics. its the same as how in cricket you dont start by spending 20 years in net practice before you play a match. or how you have to fall when you start rollerskating.

    you cant just learn the basics without knowing what you're learning them for. You could learn all the theory in the world but it wouldnt teach you about the dynamics of playing. Learning to play a song could teach you a bit about it in 5 mins.

    you should either be sure of what you're saying or not give advice to newer people.
  5. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    I just hope your diagnosis in medicine is a little better.
  6. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    If the basics r nt clear then he will have a really hard time playin any song.
    Which will cause frustration n eventually he may consider quiting too.
    @fairnlonely one has to learn to hold the bat properly first b4 goin to play in a match..
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    i guess 'holding the bat' can be done simply by looking at any1 else playing the thing,
    the most basic techniques r learnt mostly through observation,
    then u need to take some advice, then learn to read tabs, then actually play them (some easy songs),
    it gives more interest in doing things, n finally read more basics of music like intervals, etc. n then learn real music
    fairandlovely is not wrong here, nor is distorted....

    in short: pseudo-learn first, then play, then learn for real n full....
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  8. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    There are guitarists who are self-taught. Slash is probably the most popular example. I don't think he learnt to hold the bat properly. Most of the masters have made their own conventions. I dont think I've ever seen Eric Clapton use his 4th finger and he uses his first finger for a vibrato, something that purists would discourage.

    Also, it would be good to know that music was played first and the theory of music came after that. The only purpose theory and technique serve are to make things easier for us and are not hard and fast rules.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying theory is useless or undesirable to learn. Just that it's not as important as distorted seemed to be saying it was.
  9. distorted

    distorted satan

    Ha ha ha... I never said learn theory first... Evn i started learning theory just out of interest aftr i had played guitar fr sum 2yrs... I just said learn to play guitar first n i meant holding evrything correctly, getting started wid finger practice, learning the fretboard... i've seen people who start learning songs first, they find it interesting at first, but aftr sumtym they end up playing only those songs... Learning step by step is boring but in the long run it helps... Just to avoid an embarrasing situation fr u pls dont misguide the newbie. N as u spoke abt legends, i dont intend to say evrything other den conventional is wrong... But learning it the conventional method is the easiest, dats y its conventional.
  10. distorted

    distorted satan

    N u better mind yr own ass...
  11. distorted

    distorted satan

    if u r nt speaking of gali cricket, u do need to spend sum tym on nets, making out basics, practicing fielding before u get to play a match, if not 20yrs (dat ws a rly stupid exaggeration)
    N u dont learn to fall, but how to avoid falls n minimize injuries wen u learn rollers.
    knowing something is a different thing n doing it widout to know hw to do it is different. if he plays a line of a song now, it wont help him technically anyhow, vil just elate him... N if u r rly serious abt learning, getting such motivations is nt so necessary... Just b firm, keep on practicing hard till it comes to you.
  12. distorted

    distorted satan

    Newys, given more den sufficient tym to this thread just coz a bitch ws misguiding a noob... n i dont want to get involved in a stupid fyt wid an idiot, so leaving this thread.
  13. spydra

    spydra New Member

    wot a fight!!!!
  14. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    No that's exactly what you said-

    while what I'm saying is learning to play songs is as major a part of learning to play the guitar as anything else. If you have an interest in the guitar, you will keep practicing and not end up just playing hotel california all your life. You can learn step by step but still be playing songs. I dont see why the two cannot be done together.

    The convention thing was never directed at you and I agree with what you're saying about that.

    Of course im talking about gali cricket. Isnt what he's doing the equivalent in music of gali cricket? Its not like hes going to be on stage with a hundred people watching. He's just going to sit by himself and play a song. is that bigger than gali cricket? Do people directly go and play for their school or state without ever having played a match before? Have you ever had a coach who forbade you from playing a match with your friends?

    Why wont it help him technically to play a song? Maybe he can learn a bit of theory and correlate with a song he played and think "hey yeah, so thats what the song is about!!!". A Dm Bb C arpeggio will make you yawn but a sultans of swing solo gets you on the edge of your seat. They are both the exact same things. There is a lot to learn from songs and if you dont include it in your practice, you will be missing out on things.

    and if you're really serious about learning you wont just keep playing "the same old songs" again and again will you, honeychild?

    Thats quite clever, I suppose. You dont want to admit that you were just trying to put one over me instead of helping someone out so not replying would probably be the best idea.
  15. distorted

    distorted satan

    Aaaahhhhh.... How do i stop dis bitch... See dude, there is no point fyting out here, the person who started the thread can come to the conclusion by himself after reading the opinions... N i ws nt imposing anything, i just gave my opinion dat hwevr boring it myt be, going step by step helps a lot.
  16. distorted

    distorted satan

    N yeah, pls dont compare playing guitar wid gali cricket... playing gali cricket is an art.
  17. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    and playing guitar is not an art?

    I doubt you even understand what I'm comparing there.

    anyway, lay off me and I'll lay off you. You could have easily given your opinion in a less offensive way if you didn't want an argument. Don't start things you can't finish.
  18. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Its wrong to admit, but i learnt playing the fairandlovely way, though its not the best way. Its the entertaining way, I had a tab book from my friend, photocopied it, n played all of them, no real effort, but then the challenge came.....learning all scales n keys stuff

    Distorted just one question:
    you learnt chords in which of these two ways?:
    1. Studied how chords are formed, scales and keys theory, and played one by one.....
    2. Found out a popular song, asked your friend(or googled) its chords and how to play it, and practised.....like, oh...summer o' 69 has this 02220x chord, which is A major....;)

    I did (2) fiirst, then theory....just outta curiousity, all sus, aug, dim stuff.....i dont say its right, but its wht most newbies do, when they dont hav a teacher(I was'nt on IGT tht time!)
    I think whoever thinks over this question might be able to take a side in this epic battle
    lol.....but when distorted says its about holding-guitar like basics , He's RIGHT!
  19. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    I think you're off on your own assumptions. I never said the way to play was to first play songs and then learn much later about what they meant. I said it's a process that must go on simultaneously and not one after the other. Songs are important learning tools.

    and distorted did not say it's about holding-guitar like basics in his first post. Learning to hold a guitar is not rocket science and can be done in 5 minutes. Scales, chords etc etc which he was talking about are a slow process and if you start waiting till you think you're good at them before you play songs, you are never going to play songs.
  20. distorted

    distorted satan

    *claps* fr having a wonderful undstanding of sarcasm.
    N repeating again, i never meant learning theory, i meant undstanding of the instrument... N holding a guitar doesnt mean just putting it on yr lap... i meant hw to use yr fingers properly on fretboard, hw to pluck strings n all dat stuff... Wt all noobs do, they pik an easy song, get the tabs n play it in the most convenient way, which is nt necessarily the right technique... so they develop wrong easy methods n wen they progress to tougher things, they r unable to get rid of the wrong playing styles they've developed. Wt i implied ws to take up a few finger exercises n work on proper use of yr fingers n den take some easy tabs n play dem correctly so in future u dont face problems like moving up n down the fretboard wen u play rather den simply changing the strings, tuff tym using yr pinky as most of ppl do...
    I said '''LEARN GUITAR''' did u get it ms.lovely?
    evn i tried a few songs in the start n wasted tym, but luckily a freind asked me to use fingers properly first.
    N my motive of posting here again is to stop the noob being misguided by people lyk u who'll do evrything puri g**nd ka zor lagakr, to defend their opinion rather den agreeing wid odrs humbly...

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