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  1. sarfharosh

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    hi friends
    this is omi !!!

    the only thing that defines me is music nad my passion for it.
    i love to sing and learn more instruments.
    recently i took up the task to get myself well versed wid my dream .... THE GUITAR.
    am a beginner wen it comes to guitar playing.
    i would love some help.
    i joined a tutor for the same.
    over there SA RE GA MA was taught to me as SCALE.
    and he said there's 2 versions of it
    half scale (using only the top 4 FRETS) and the FULL SCALE(apparently using the whole fret board)
    i would be ultra thankfull of ya if u could give me notes for the FULL scale.... !

    regards !!!
    hope u have a nice day
    Njoi !
  2. igidr

    igidr New Member

    Please see the link http://www.chordbook.com/guitarscales.php

    Scale =major
    Variation No 8

    You can also check out the other scale patterns.

    Please for heavens sake mention the subject line as Guitar Scales.Else people would not bother to look at it.

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