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    Hi guys, 25/m from New Delhi here. I've played acoustic guitar for a couple of years but am just starting out with electric. I've been visiting IGT since earlier (~ '03-'04) and found a lot of useful tabs for music, especially rhythm and blues and beginner-level songs. It's just now that I realized I'm not registered at all :)

    I live in / shuttle between East and South Delhi. Since I am just starting out with an electric guitar I'm looking for a nice deal on a beginner-level electric (I'm inclined to Washburn so far) and simple songs with licks/solos that can serve as good learning material.

    Hope to have more fun.
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    Hi all,
    i've been playing acoustic guitar for sum 4 mnths or so...thus,m here to find sum new tabs n frnds...hope dat u guyz will help me out..i live in kolkata n m a 2nd yr student,19 n obviously m...
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    hello everybody! this is my first post. I'm not new here even not new for music but I'm just a begainner in learing music. I have not joined any formal classes to learn music.
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    Hi All Friends..

    Hi All,
    First of off ,thanks to this wonderful community for arranging such a wide and unique blog over the internet for all guitar lovers. :)

    I am Makarand and am completely new to the guitar field. It was my resolution for this year 2010 to at least get some good guitar and start learning basics and time has come to fulfil the wish. :)

    I did some research on guitar brands available in market and am planning to buy a guitar tomorrow from Furtados.

    However, this will not complete without your valuable guidance. I would like to go for a Granada and my budget is 5K (max 6k)
    Could someone of you suggest me a good granada model available in present days. I had bought one granada guitar for my friend 2 years back costed around 5.5k as a gift from group and it sounds very well. but m not sure if the same model is available now.,

    so am looking for an Acoustic guitar (semi acoustic will do if its fitting in my budget. :D ) with built in pickups..

    also, would be great if you know any shops in mumbai with contact details where i will get Granada brand..

    Yourt Suggestions are very helpful to me.. so if you have some other models in mind, please do share.. and let meknow if those are available in furtados..

    Makarand Maydeo
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    Sounds like what I've been doing my entire life. xD

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