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    Hi am Abhishek from lucknow,i played guitar few years back but had to leave it coz of studies and all, what i learned back then was major and minor chords and all the major and minor scales{tough right now i don't remember much of the scales except some basic ones}.
    Right now i am pursuing my graduation and now i have enough time to dedicate it to my sole love of music.
    Right now i have almost practiced all the chords and scales tough not learned the scales yet and what i really want to focus on,is solely chords as i enjoy it more than leads.I want to make my knowledge for chords as better as it can get and and i am doing it by getting the chords of songs and practicing them.Haven't joined any classes yet tough am willing too,
    if there are players here who are in lucknow and are teaching,i would be highly interested to join.

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