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    My name is Sourabh Das.
    31 Years Old.
    Staying in Navi Mumbai.
    My life - Guitar and Wife.
    Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.
    Working as a Software Developer.
    When I was in engineering college, in 2nd year ExTc in 1998, I joined my college band as a synth player. But my interest lied in six wired "TUNTUNA" :) I mean guitar..

    I was in J. T. M. C. O. E Faizpur. I enquired about this tuntuna in one of the music stores in Jalgaon. He had a Hobner guitar whose drum width was very less. I wanted the same f-cut design but with a wider drum width. He said then he will have to order it. And the price would be some what near 3000 - 3500. I requested him to reduce. So he said 2900 - 3400. I said ok.

    Trust me friends, being from a middle class family, making my parents agree to get a guitar for me was a exam more difficult than that of actual Board Exams. Well they agreed. I went back to them and gave them 1000/- advance. And they bought this beautiful tuntuna for me. My good luck that the shop owner was trust worthy. And he actually brought a guitar having good solid wood with a large drum. Hobner DN 265-Export Quality. The one I am holding in my photo. In none of the rainy or winter or summer season the sound of the guitar changed. I got all 365 days the same sound and still getting the same sound.

    Since then I am playing this tuntuna. Almost 11 years. She is all the same beautiful, a little bit of rinkles below the eyes and cheeks but thats ok :). She is all the same sxy with same sound effect and still I see the promise in her to be with me for rest of my life. The sound is so beautiful, I didnt even fit a pick up in it with a fear of loosing that sound quality. Although I had used it in many functions with a external mic put on the flap.

    I did not count the number of times I banged the fret board with my almaari. The number of times I droped it from the bed by kicking it while at sleep. Guys Love Is Love.. Un-Conditional.

    When I got a job, I got a yamaha pacifica electric guitar from Furtado's mumbai. Great Guitar. But I play it only on Sunday. Rest of the days I am with this tuntana.

    Thats all for now.
    Happy String Breaking. :)

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