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    I am Amit and I have started learning guitar for about 1 yr. I have learnt mainly about lead. Where I was learning,it was difficult to get any hindi songs notes from there. But I am eager to learn few hindi songs.
    I need to know from you guys how to play guitar song from some piano notes which is given in western notes like AGA# BCC# in this format.Is it possible to use this note and play on guitar?
    I dont find any website which gives guitar notes in western sheet music.does anyone having any collection like these? It will be of great help for me as a beginner.I am not comfortable using tabs. I dont know also how to use it. If some one can help me in this that also will be good help for me.
    Waiting for your replies ,guyz
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    You can use piano notes for your root chords. How much experience do you have with guitar, can you figure out chords / notes just by listening to the song ?
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    Thanks for reply..I am not that experienced to figure out chords/notes by listening music.I will tell u abt my competency.I joined a school 2 yrs bck here in chennai which is my work place now.But later I left t school due to some reason. I was taught Mel Bay's book which has complete western notes of song pieces as a excercise for learning all the strings.So I played all those stuffs and am familiar with scales,some basic chords, solos with chord accompaniment etc. I got some songs with western notation for few tamil songs (same hindi music) so i was v interested and started prcticising. But that was easy for me when I see the notations in western otherwise I cant be able to create note by just hearing t music. I have playing all this notes in the first 2 octaves. i dont know abt playing in higher octves.So what is your suggestion regarding how to increase t efficiency and how to play some songs using regular tabs or how to get familiar with tabs

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