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  1. Nish11

    Nish11 New Member

    HEy guys and gals...Hifrom my side...i have been a guptchar kinda visitor for long...thouight of regisytering myself today so that i can immerse in the gyan following around here...

    My Guitar -->Got my guitar 7 days back..Gi"v"son(how i wish that "v" was "b" ;) ) Venus special...

    Learning from --> Guitar trrocks .com videos and one othr..

    state of fingers --> numb, calloused and i guess could fall of any second

    State of mind--> These chords are going to kill me :p

    loooking for memorable journey over here..
  2. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    join some guitar classes,are learn from any good private teacher in your area...and if you still want to learn online then go to justinguitar.com ...for your fingers...use quality strings ...d'addario or ernie ball...if problem still exists then use finger caps...(though i shouldnt recommend them)...dont apply too much force in order to hold a chord...start pressing the fret slowly as soon as you get to hear the note properly ..dont press any more...in short join some guitar class
  3. Nish11

    Nish11 New Member

    Hey Sumanovo razor ..thanks a lot for the site brother/..look a great one...

    i do not plan to use finger caps as after 8 days now the pain sees to be gone...thnkfully :)

    Yaaa i was pressing the fret incorrectly or in other words fightuing with them...but that seems to have iproved too..

    Regarding joining the classes i am still not sure...i plan to see my progress after 1 - .5 months and then take action..honet try first thenwill see :)

    thanks again

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