heyy girls!! where are you??this for all d girls on igt- plz temme which songs u play

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  1. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    this for all d girls on igt-
    plz temme which songs u play on guitar.. is u hav uploaded ur recordings , do provide me d links...i can play guitar well but d biggest problem i face is song selection.. so help me out. need to go thru recording of some pros for inspiration
  2. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    we would like to hear u play..please post as u r saying u can play..i am still learning :)..will post someday
  3. monika9

    monika9 New Member

  4. nidhi_008

    nidhi_008 New Member

    hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!m new here
  5. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    sister..you got really nice voice..compared to those older posts..voice sounds refined and brand new..guess u r taking vocals or else constant guitaring is helping u with the right scales.but high notes go kaput most of the time which just needs practice..by the way u seem to be an old member here.how come u r back after so long time?well..wait n watch for my posts..working on them..hope to get some positive feedback.infact am dying to post..but hestitating as not proper in guitaring yet due to self training..if members got no problem i could post the time pass recordings without music i did on my cellphone..means only my voice,as many have expressed desire to hear it..i am not sure if the administration would approve it! hey! i subscribed to your youtube channel
  6. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    thanx dear :) m not learning vocals but ya u may b right in saying that guitaring has helped me learn d scales n improving on vocals automatically.hmm high notes okk vil try to b better on that from next time.

    hehe yes m an old member. i think i made an account here even b4 i got my guitar but dnt go by that. have learnt most of d things on my own , so took quite a lot more time than it shud n so still just an average player .

    umm i dnt think ne1 shud b having prob with you posting ur recording here though cant say with surity. i also record in my 2 megapixel phone only n havent got ne objection coz of that. infact i get to know abt how m doing, where i m goin wrong n how can i improve. do play guitar also na coz this is a guitar forum n members here r experts in that to help u out with their suggestions. one more thing- plz get d basics of guitaring correct b4 jumping on to songs.
    well looking forward to ur work
  7. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    yeah..i knew that..dont take offense,but u need to work on it!
    ..thats nice..hey me too! am self learnt..but i learnt a bit fast as singing is my hobby n had music grasp a bit..well am a 'below average' player as of now being 6 months old to guitar..he he he

    well..thats what i've been tld too..but like i expressed earlier..am a bit apprehensive to post my guitaring as of now..few more time..am definitely gonna put up n will learn more n more from esteemed members..I think there are some real talents here..if u observe the knowledge they got! :)
    ur recordings are singing with guitaring..i was referring to putting up just my singing as many members have expressed the desire to hear my voice..well..my recordings are too the same kind..
    yeah..i am working on basics as well..by reading a lot about it..hey i jumped to songs first coz i know lotta songs n because of a bit of music grasp i could learn playing real fast..in just 3 months..am just following a combo of 'top down' as wel as 'bottom up' approach..am sure somewhere down the midway am gonna meet up n be good!
  8. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    hmm its good to know that u grasp it fast. with practice , chords n strumming dont take much time. despite my slow reception n lack of practice , i think i have got it pretty well in last one year. b4 that , i used to play indian classical on leads( u can say forced to do that). m not very regular with my guitar practice . kinda studious person n studies get priority over my hobbies . so intensive pracxtice does not usually take place n perhaps thats d answer to ur question regarding my absence from here. from my experience all i can say is that 'practice is the key'.

    well after hearing from u even m curious to listen to ur recordings hehe. do lemme know when u put them.
    cheers :)
  9. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    thats gud..yes..studies etc must be a priority unless of course u wanna be in music field as a career..keep practicing..u seem to be very young as well [from the youtube video]..so no issues even if takes 2-3 years more..am myself enjoying it as a hobby..just added music to my singing passion..thats all

    oh! there is nothing to be curious as such sister...am just a regular 'gal' [lol..i dunno if i shud say so] who can sing like any average person..but am passionate abt music as hell n most of my free time is spent in listening n singing songs all kinda songs..plus now guitaring..thats all..its all abt passion n enthusiasm :)
    i will let u know ..thanks for the motivation
  10. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Good one monika :).. Your voice is good, with some training and practice you can sound much better.

    Will look forward to more videos.

  11. monika9

    monika9 New Member

    thank you super admin :)

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