Heya..nest building

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  1. the shiny side has only one face
    well i see my self on the other
    my episodes make a difference
    keep my multiple colours together

    You keep watching from a distance
    doodling behind a teethe smile
    come lets paint our hands create some dreams
    may some day for a while

    whole lot’a life, buckets and buckets of it
    flowing and gushing inside both of us
    crackers and lights fun works bright
    will burn just need a touch

    feels crazy but im a little buzzed off
    crazy rides, pubs and clubs
    lets do the thing they call nest building
    for love for life for the cubs
  2. Poison...

    Poison... New Member

    Awesome, i have to say. :D

    How do you write like this? When I write, my words and sentences get jumbled up as I desperately try to rhyme them.
    ..and when I let them flow, they don't rhyme or even fit.
    Can you give me some tips or something?
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    great one monn.....

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