hey, what happened to your ears..?

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    c'mon people...tabs..? where are your ears..? try pickin' up things that way... it is easier reading a tab...did it a few times, when i was not lazy... but the joy when u pick somethin up yourself...? i'll tell u somethin...
    years ago, i wanted to play like george lynch..") liked his style...( for the young ones that don't know about him - Dokken, Lynch Mob, etc....) so i listened and listened, and tried and it hurt, it didn't sound good...and at some point i got it right...felt great...playing all from "paris is burning", "tooth and nail", "mr. scary"... wonderful... then, once i had a chance to see and meet a man in person... and then i saw that the things i did, sounded like that, but i played them in a totally different way... but, the thing is, the things i picked up my way, the technique i developed, stayed with me, wheather i play blues or rock or heavy...that became my own style...in a way...and that is the point...
    there are a lot of great players who play everything from vai to malmsteen to srv...but they can't make a song, neither implement their playing good... hendrix...? stones..? so many people playin' their stuff and doin it a whole lot better... but where's their own mark....think of that....
    happy practicing....
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    Yes. Where, indeed, in the world is Carmen San Deigo?
  3. zing

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    hear, hear [pun intended!]
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    Nailed it right on bro...i think to myself too.....alot many ppl here need to go thru the learnig curve....the joy of working out a song...especially when its a challenging one.
    i still transcribe alot and even get down to analizing impromptous or something i played at a session or gig.its a different kinda kick.been playing 14 yrs or so now and back then there were no tabs available...all i had was a 2 in 1.infact ,in school i tried to device my own tabulature/transcription method till one fine day a friend gave me a copy of "Guitar For The Practicing Musician" and i went like"God! this is what i was trying to do" and it gave me a kick.so,in time, i had my own twisted way of thinking musicially and i wouldnt let any good opurtunity to learn pass by like books,magazines,videos,jams,hanging backstage,instructors,senior musicians and not only guitar players,a short stint with western classical ..etcetc...but at the same time i never aped anything or anyone...they were all valuble reference points and eventually as my playing progressed(and still is) i would dig into that"bag of tools" i had n borrow from it in order to shape my musicial ideas and even when implementing it on covers i would study each nuance of the player and then after mastering it would and still put my own feel into it.
    im not turned on by cover players..never was ..im more impressed when someone improvises ..regardles of style.Originality is right up on my list of preferences.(this alone cud spark a huge debate:))...but then again if u put a who/what/when/why/where ?tion to everything u'll only be scratching the surface n not really dealing with it)
    i dont think many of the players here have even experimented with transposition .......its a very handy tool especially when it comes unplanned n yet called for :))
    simple things like single string method...playing all posible scales within 3-4 fret radius and staying in a box shape are unheard off or not implemented by most.
    i think most are stuck in there own personnel"E5"Syndromes and incapacitate there thinking beyond boxes and hence get stuck n wallow in them.
    i read mails here about rack setups......how can u think of going in for one without having gone thru the whole cycle of going from acoustic to electric..then into pedals and understnding them and amps and there individual qualities and thn inturn (if they want) go in for a rack setup n by thn u just know wht knob and i/o socket does what n why and how u cud set it up to your liking ....etc etc.......
    eventually i do hope most players learn the right things.....which neednt mean playing a particular solo note for note..but playing that very solo note for note in all keys and then changing it putting your feel or perhaps giving it a counterpoint ....
    ever wondered what the"hotel california" solo wud be like if each chord value was reversed............B/F#m7/Am/Em Gm/Dm/E/F#m7
    most will say??huh????? ..play with the chord tones ..see what u come up with
    ..what the hell...just make your own way to understand n play things....if a certain fingering in tab doesnt suit u ..find something else tht works for u and your FEEL.Develop your ears,your feel and expand your musical vocabulary by implementing them in your playing.

    My point is not to critisize but to encourage alot of u to become better players and more than that,to become overall musicians....thoughtful,disciplined and intelligent.
    Here's wishing u all the best,be your own best/worst critic..know what u know,think towards what u cant and achieve it without being forceful,if u are ..then dont !
    :beer: :beer:
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  5. ronnieanand

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    Soulscape. :nw: :nw:

    When I wanted to learn my first solo, I couldn't play it because it was beyond my abilities. So I started playing my own. Now even if I can play anything, I just play my own. I dont bother about learning that solo. Agreed it has a great many things in it but I feel when I play my own I sound far better than when I copy something. Not saying my solos are better but the feel of my own notes C, D, E and better than the copie notes C, D and E. It's just a great feeling. Even on gigs, I do the same. I dont care if it sounds good. Sometimes I make mistakes, miss notes, go out of key but that's still okay but trying to sound great by copying a solo note by note. I read an interview with Randy Rhoads recently. He said that he had this inferiority complex that he could copy any artist's solo properly, so he played his own and finally ended up developing his own style. When I read that I just had a smile in my face. I didn't copy his idea and neither I am a fan of Randy Rhoads but I just felt happy about my approach. I find it more fun jamming on random keys like C Minor or D# Major or A Major or F# Minor or whatever. It should be spot improvisation in those keys and at least play over some 8 frets instead of getting stuck with that Minor Box. I seeing people who play pretty good but have no clues of any other key than E Minor or A Minor.
    I am not much good in playing but I feel it's better to improve as a musician by doing certain things than seeking a few applause by copying few things.
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    great post, soulscape. Well worth being stickied.
  7. soulscape777

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    thanks alot Ronnie n BJR :beer:
  8. slash_i_m

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    wat da hell's wrong bro.fine u r gilbert.wat about others.can u play 'universal mind' form liquid tension expertiment without tabs?u need to share stuff.make some sense man.
  9. bjr

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    Where do you think these tabs come from?
  10. slash_i_m

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    alright i agree from someones damn ears but u can't expect everybody to sit and work out everything.

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