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  1. kittu95

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    Hey people..my name's krittika...in 8th..nu delhi..
    Basically i really enjoy music...and so i bought an acoustic guitar...actually i won it but anyways...so now what shud i do ?,,i dont really wna join classes nd ol..atleast not now..
    So how cn dis site help me?..
    i got sum basic q'z wich i hope u ppl cn help me wid..
    what exactly r tabs?
    in d site, we get tabs for a song right?..how exactly do we play them on a guitar?
    what is a scale?
    and also if u cud tell me how to tune my guitar nd wht so start practice with..wud really appreciate it ppl
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    Hi, kirttika. I am Bhaskar from Howrah.1stly this site help u with songs cords & lyrics & discuss ur problem.But I think without a teacher ur not fullfil.
    TAB is finger position in fret board.
    Scale is C D E F G A B C this is C major Scale ( Root, 3rd, 5th)
    Root = C
    3rd = E
    5th = G
    I am tell u only one Scale. But there is many scale.Like major, minor, dominant etc.
    Plz contarct me for Guitar Tune Software & practice lession.
    My mail :patrabhaskar@yahoo.co.in
    (sorry for my bad english)
  3. bjr

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    Just think of the individual lines on the tab as strings...and each number as the number of the fret you want to play.


    the above tab asks you to play the 2nd fret on the 2nd string, 4th fret on the 3rd string and 5th fret on the 1st string.

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