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    Hey guys.

    I'm Ratul, I'm from Mumbai. I love music as well as a lot of other stuff. Doing anything fun or naughty to be exact. I love rap and I don't know why I play the guitar despite 90% of my iPod accommodating rap and hip-hop. But I do :) So hello.

    I like doing covers and I write songs. I write poetry(dark and romantic) and I love doing anything fun anytime. I really liked the song 'Tu Gandi' from LSD, so I was referred to this site from Google. I like rock too, but only alternative and other stuff like Placebo,Kings of Leon,Three Days Grace,Fallout Boy,MGMT,Lady Antebellum,Radiohead,Gym Class Heroes,etc.
    Feel free to hit me up :) We can jam if you're nearby.

    Good to be here. Peace all.


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