Hey need the scales n chords n sa re ga ma formatt

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  1. Pyaarujaanu

    Pyaarujaanu New Member

    Hi all m new here!
    Hey can any 1 plz help me get chords n scales in sa re ga ma formatt which is more easy for me to understand.
  2. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    pls be more elaborate ...

    cant make out much from your post ...
    1st of all what is sa re ga ma format?
    2nd, how can the chords be formatted in sa re ga ma? ... now thats a challenge ...
    3rd ... which instru u play? ....
  3. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    Hi Pyaarujaanu (kewl name dear, hehe),

    Any ways but lets make the things clear.

    1. Chords are the combination of diff strings (of guitar), played on diff frets (the blocks on guitar). say if you wanna play the most basic chord 'C'. so hold 2nd string on 1st fret, 4 string on 4th and 5th on 3rd. The similarly play rest chords D E F G A B.

    2. Scales are same as Sa re ga ma , like u said, but are played like C D E F n so on. C has its own scale, D and again so forth. These are good when u play leads (wat everyone expects u to play). n yes these scales (and notes ) prepares a chord. Eg if u wanna play "C", combine 1st(root), 3rd and 5th note (all major)of note "C" i.e the root note.

    I think i hv already confused u a lot, so there's only one key to success "work hard n strive harder (evn if u starve ;) ) but jus :rock: pal.

    Now the very first assignment for u here is tht use the "search" tool of IGT (its easiest way) and google is another nice option for clearing all your doubts.

    n i think u will get more help frm those masters in this group. They can lead u much better. My only suggestion is tht concentrate on your fingering practice n thts gonna help u a lot (i learnt n realiased it after playing chords for 6 months n saw a drastic change). Start playing chords too n wat else.

    yes SSSlayer, innovate ur ideas rather than disppointing the new comers. This really hurts n leave them in pain. (thts my own experience, even ppl laughed at me but i never stopped, those morons clap now).

    :beer: cheers all n :rock:

    Go thru these:
  4. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    yeah ... thnx ... even i think my rely was too brash ...

    but man i was seriosly confused ...
    i mean what does that sa re ga ma format mean?
  5. Pyaarujaanu

    Pyaarujaanu New Member

    hey thnx

    Hey thnx alot for the reply ppl.

    Hey m sory but that's the way i used to learn guitar from my friend who's called as mr.Bandbaja here.

    But m no more in india n was away from all all my stuff from qiute a long time.So i requested in this foolish manner as per you ppl.

    Hey but can you ppl help me as if considering that i don't even know the abcd of guitar.And now how should i start it with.

    Hope will get the way from you ppl.

    Thnx alot for the help, n hope you will help me in the same manner.

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