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  1. Imranyou2k5

    Imranyou2k5 New Member

    hey guys can u plz rate my voice cuz i am auditioning for a band this week and i need to know what to change i have my aadat recorded on the web site and my original song plz rate that song and if theres something wrong tell me how i can fix it and i recorded this at home so it mite sound like amaturish
  2. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    You are an Ok singer. Though I really think you need some classical singing training. Also try to increase the tempo of your song and then try to sing it.

    In all the songs you are stressing on the words too much, it makes you sound constipated. I would recommend you not to do that!

    Good luck in your audition!
  3. Imranyou2k5

    Imranyou2k5 New Member

    thanx alot man i need these kinda things to improve i will try that and ya im getting some training soon. im going to post my version of tau phir aao soon with a new style but honestly tell me do i have potential to be good??
  4. Imranyou2k5

    Imranyou2k5 New Member

    hey i started classical singing and i wanna know if now my voice is better i will post some stuff later but if anyone can give me more advice on my old stuff it would be great

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