HEy Guyz chck out my cover songz...

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  1. raven

    raven New Member

    Hey people.....Ozman here....i'av recorded a couple of cover songz...i would be glad if u listen to them and give ur precious comments...
    I'av used an acoustic guitar....

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  2. himika9

    himika9 !!!WANNA B ROCKSTAR!!!

    perfect....awesome...i dun have anything else to say :O
  3. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Good Work with covers.. but not so good forum selection...

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  4. shagunx

    shagunx New Member

    guitarin n vocals ...awesome ....wtg !
  5. sanju_strings

    sanju_strings 50 Pai$e <3V/S<3 50 CeNt$

    awesome ik din ayega is my fav too

    reps for u dude
  6. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Aadat-Kalyug- Version 2 is COOL
    U have Nice Vocals
    keep it up
  7. Lahori_rocker

    Lahori_rocker Guitar God left IGT

    gr8 buddy.....cool covers

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