Hey guys, Need Help... Wanna play vocal on My Electric guitar

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    What i want to play is the words of the song, not chords or anything else... How to do so, what i need to learn and how to get tabs for that for a particular song, for example - hosanna (Ek Diwanna Tha)
    And btw, can anyone tell me what should i learn and in which progression in guitar, i mean the syllabus (you can say)... Just like books have indexes and stuff as i am learning via youtube these days and things get messy....
    Where can i buy any good book for it in delhi... ??

    Thanks guys ;)
  2. Welcome bro...
    I should tell you that to play the guitar takes a lot of effort and motivation.
    You SHOULD learn from someone in person about how to hold the guitar without having to use your left arm at all...
    and how to play different notes,
    how to occlude the frets properly...
    These things are BEST LEARNT by seeing in person....
    After you know them thoroughly, you can play songs//

    What you called "playing the words" is what you will find as "tabs"
    For example... try this song i tabbed a few months back...


    When you try to play these tabs as below,

    --Dil ne tumko chun liya hai Tum Bhi Usko Chuno Na
    ... i.e. when you play G5, then B5, B7, B5... the sound of the those four notes together will sound like "Dil ne tumko"

    Sorry for the G5, B5 etc etc.... am too lazy to type 5th fret of g string... so typed G5 instead... Actually the 5th fret of G string (the third string from below) plays what we call as the C note.

    It looks complicated, but once you get to know them, they are pretty easy to follow.

    All the best,
    and enjoy.,

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    I tried learning from someone but that guy didnt knew shit about electric guitar and additionally he used to teach the same thing to the guys learning since 4-6 months and the guy who is learning 2nd day.... And used to teach us songs, not literature of guitar.....
    7s5 means slide? right? if so, then whats 7s5---5h ? how can i hammer the same fret i am on??, i know a bit of guitar though :p
  4. Yes, 7s5 means slide from 7 to 5, and because there is a gap between 7s5 and 5h, it means pluck again on 5th fret and hammer it in the same fret.

    Also, because you said you didn't learn any literature,try to learn which note corresponds to which fret.... I'll try and put up a picture relating to this today.
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    Thanks bro ;)

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