hey guys....help needed..n that would be most helpful 2 me..

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  1. ae_gz

    ae_gz New Member

    hey guys iam planning to buy gb&a electro-acoustic guitar. is that guitar good of its type?? and at what rate can i buy it?? iam xepcting it to be around 6500 rs.

    and please let me kno the details abt gb&a violins and of their cost

    also, can u guys please tell me about the best guitar teacher in bangalore i can find with les fee..... coz i cant spend 1500-2000 as my fee for month.... so if u know any good teacher with less fee please let me kno and that would be a gr8 help for me.........

    thankyou in advance...

    have a gr8 n wonderful day...
  2. ddaggi

    ddaggi New Member

    pluto acoustic guitar

    hey man....i have had an experience with a gb&a acoustic guitar n it wasnt tht good....it was my first guitar nd i wasnt satisfied with it....though when i tried pluto acoustic guitar..it was awesome...i wud recommend pluto....but still...if you have used gb&a n thght it was gud...thn you should go for it...because diff people have diff comfortable levels..

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