Hey Guys! Attention..look at this

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  1. drsherry

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    Hi Guys

    Look at this.
    This person, Mr. Sani Rajput has uploaded SILSILAY ALAAPS by Tahir and Somair (originally released on the website as title theme) and he claims it as his alaaps. Now aint that upsetting


    Check the link and listen to SILSILAY ALAAPS :p

    The original title theme can be found on


    NOW WELL THERE AINT ANY DIFFERENCE. All it took was 5 min to download and 5 min to upload. SAD
  2. wow...you are right sherry...wat a rip off...also look at where he says hez live with atif aslam for Manwa Re...its NOORI playing with atif...wow thats just pathetic Mr. Sani...if he sees this that is
  3. dashingmoiz

    dashingmoiz New Member

    plzz tell me that from where I can download atif & noori manwa-re?

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