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    HEY ELECTRIC GUITAR FOR 3000 on sale.. great condition. check it out

    hey guys anyone in calcuta interested in buying a electric guitar, please contact me . my name is anand.-9830039388. its my old guitar.. well its in good condition it is a reynolds strats series model. has two pickups.. apparently has a huge sound. the volume in this guitar is incredible. i jis put new strings( of a good indian brand) on the guitar. it is in perfect condition apart from say a few scratches on the back. but that is not too noticeble. the guitar aint that old.. its jis 1 year 3months old. thats it! the fretboard is rosewood. and because of continous playing the board is smooth and seasoned. plss i am desperately trying to sell. selling it for ONLY Rs.3000/-...so guys interested please call.

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