Hey Check Out Ma Nu Composition

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  1. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    Hey All How R U

    Check Out Dis Nu Composition (by me) at


    its called "A Nu Birth"


    Maybe Some of u May say Dat it sounds Like Teri Yaadein (Love Story: SAB TV)

    Well I Agree The Base Chords Are the same But The Track Is Pure Instrumental


    Temme How Do U Like da Song.

    Lemme Warn u dat Da Song is a Soul Song. Don't Expect Gratifying Leads or Shreding or anything.
  2. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    wow 22 views and no replys

    where r all the guys at
  3. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    You did a wonderful job man, it sounds good, my compliments.
    A few comments, for an instrumental song its just too long, so its a little boring to listen to this song for such a long time, ofcourse its possible to play a long instrumental song, but then you should have to play some more variations in the melody, the beat and the bass, or some leads, solo's etc!
    Don't understand me wrong, its played very well, these are just some tips and suggestions.
    By the way, in the future post your compositions in this section, it is just for people whom want to share their songs and compositions with others:
    IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music
  4. anubhav27

    anubhav27 New Member

    i also agrre with kerof its too lenghty!!!!the otherway its a nice creation!i must say good creativity!!hey wat is this F L studio?????
  5. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    Hey Thanx Keoraf
    Actually This was created keeping in mind thatit should Soothe ur mind so such tracks r generally kept long. But Stiil Thanx For Ur Reviews And tips

    and thanx to U too Anubhav.
    FL Studio is a software for MAKING music. These Type Of softwares are generally called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
    MORE on it at www.flstudio.com

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