Hey Baby- Dholna[Sonu Nigam]... Muted Chords

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    Hey guyz,

    This song can be played in two ways open and barred.
    Actually this song is played in barred cos there is lots of muting while playing the chords. Beginners can get the R n B by playing open chords

    Let me know if youl like these chords........Also let me know if u wanna know strumming pattern, but i guess youl can figure it out...

    If u wanna play muted, this are the chords position..
    [Muted chords sounds Zhannng with post mute. Listen to the start of the song, where Am is muted while playing]

    [Am] - 577555
    [Gm] - 355433
    [C] - 335553


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