Hero (acoustic cover version) Comments plz!

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  1. parry

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  2. Keoraf

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    Nice cover Parry, you did a good job, it sounds pretty good!
    One thing you should pay some more attention is, listen carefully to the original song, you then will hear how much feeling the original singer added in his voice, so try to do the same and it will sound much better!!!
    Overall you did a good job man, keep going and take care!!
  3. Keoraf

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  4. parry

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    Thanks keoraf, yes the original shows so many up's and down's in voice and its really fabulous to hear it. Thanks again for letting me know the wrong link. I have set it right now.
  5. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    this aint an indian song man!

    it lacked feeling man as keoraf said........without that element this is just another song......its because of that feeling which sets this song apart......

    also in the high places you are really indian man........try faking a accent at least slightly.....because it doesnt sound as good in this accent..........

    plucking would have made it much better........because even the strumming you're doing is indian.........man do something else!! its not indian!!

  6. parry

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    Thanks sukrut

    Thanks sukrut, Yes I do understand the feeling part and I need to pull up myself in that aspect. Well talking bout accent I am indian man! So it definitely shows up in my vocals and guitaring. But yes I do think that some refinement is needed in that area too.
    Thanks for commenting.
  7. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    any time.......

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