Hero - Aakash Iglesias hehehe

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How do u rate the song?

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  1. magicalaks

    magicalaks New Member

    hehehe... i tried to sing this song from enrique iglesias..... my voice is not that good....... actualy i sang this song on my college fest this year for my love....... a really good song to impress ur girlfriends...... i won the 2nd prize..... tell me how it is..... please rate my recording..... done thru my ordinary pc mic...... waiting for ur reply...... ;)..... kepp rocking.......

    here is the link......

  2. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    Bro,...U must be frustated fro not havin comments,despite ur great effort,..Gr8 Job!! U sang on right notes n ur Hero was better than mine.Try to put more feel to ur song,..keep it up!! I rate it Mast,try to be fantastic next time.
  3. vishwa_reborn

    vishwa_reborn New Member

    this was really good.. esp the feel with which u sang it..
  4. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    As u said It'l impress chicks :p: .. but on a serious note .. i always believed da true test of this song is da part where Enrique goes very high after da part "Oh I jz wanna hold u" "I can beeeeeeeeeeeee ur hero ... n I will stand by u foreverrrrrrrrrrrr"
    which u've not sung ..

    apart from dat .. it was fine ..

    I didn't get wat I was lookin for so I'l stick to "theek Hai" ;) .. Keep 'em comin

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