Here are the tabs for Main Agar Kahoon (Om Shanti Om)

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    Hi guys,

    I searched for the tabs (not chords) for this song but could not find them in this forum, so here is my attempt at the tabs. If you like them, please let me know and give me reps too :) Constructive criticism is also welcome!


    Song: Main Agar Kahoon
    Film: Om Shanti Om
    Music: Vishal Shekhar
    Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
    Vocals: Sonu Nigam
    Tabbed by: Acousticity

    Tum ko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon
    e ----------------------------------------
    b -7p5-5--7p5-5--7p5-5--5-5---------5-
    g -------------------------------7--7------

    Kehna chahoon bhee to tumse kya kahoon
    e ---------------------------------------
    b -7p5-5--7p5-5--7p5-5---7s9-7--5-----8-
    g --------------------------------------7-----

    Kisi zabaan mein bhee, woh lafz hee nahee
    e -------------------------------------------
    b -8h9--9-9-----11---------8h9--9-9--11-----
    g -------------------11---------------------11-

    Ki jin mein tum ho kya tum hein bata sakoon
    e ---------------------------------------------
    b -----13-13--13-13--13---11-11-------------10~~
    g -11------------------------------13-13--11---

    Main agar kahoon, tum saa haseen
    e -------8----8-8--------------8--7-
    b -5-5----------------5-8-5---------
    g ----------------------------------

    Kaaynaat mein, naheen hai kaheen
    e -------8----8-8--------------8--7-
    b -5-5--------------5-5--8p5--------
    g ----------------------------------

    Taareef yeh bhee to, sach hai kuchh bhee naheen
    e -7--8p7-7--7---6-------------------------------
    b -------------------8---8----7---------7----5-5-
    g ----------------------------------8------------

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    Hey man u did a decent job but the song is in Eminor.
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    Niceeee Man.........
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    nice man, can u also post the intro part of this song???

    stand with me i'll never let u lose;
    stand against me i'll never let u win...
    -Ankit Tripathi(me"imdarklord")
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    Hey Acousticity! you really did a great job! I am new to the guitar world and I needed the tabs in this format. I dont understand Fm C# and stuff and here I have one confusion, i.e What does p and h mean ? (7p5, 8h9)
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    I need tabs for the tuning that is played in beginning in this song
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    nice man. but i want to have better of that. can anybody help me....
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    sounds good to me.

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