Here are tabs for Dilbara (dhoom)

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    I am a newbie and I have made a try in tabbing few lines of this song.
    Please make changes if any.

    E ---------------------------5-------------5----
    B ----5--7-8---5-7-8--5-7-----7--5-7--5---
    G -------------------------------------7
    Dilbara Dilbara Dilbara Dilbara
    Apun ki tu apun tera

    E --7-7--5-7-8-7---7-7-5-7-5------
    B 5---8------------5----8-------
    tujhase dil lagau me bhi
    family banau me bhi

    E ----------------------------------
    B -5--5-7-8--8-7-5----5
    G ---7--------------7-6-
    ab yahi to bas erada he mera

    dilbara ye dilbara
    apunki tu apun tera ;)

    Play it little fast.

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