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  1. arachnid

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    hey guyz there is this multiculture show thing in my school and i have decided to play the unplugged version of woh lamhay by JaL. but i am no t being able to figure out the 2nd strumming pattern which comes after the second time he plays the muted strumming pattern. he seems to change the pattern after. pleeeeeezz help meeeee!!!!!
  2. scorpio_bharat

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    dude, ... its same everywhere ... G#m, F# and E & and if ur singing it only with the guitar , then just dont copy the original song by jal ... sing it in ur own way ( though not completely differently ) ..hope you get it
  3. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    improvise .......
  4. arachnid

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    hey guyz thx. by da way im not singing it myself. i m not going to sing in front of the whole school. and here in toronto, its hard to find a desi guy who wud sing, so theres this girl singing it. initially i thot it woh lamhay wud sound odd wid a girl singing but it really sounds amazing.
    thanx again

    waise larki dekhne mein bhi achi hai!!!

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