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  1. Sick_Cycle

    Sick_Cycle New Member

    Hey, I am trying to learn tabs..I came across this particular tab..was a little confused..


    Can someone explain to me, step by step, please how to play this?

    I am pretty sure that you start off with E string, 1st fret, then A string, 3rd fret..and then D string, 3rd fret..what comes next? I am sooooo confused :(

    AND I MEAN "STEP BY STEP" explanation how to play the whole thing I don't want know "so on..." or "you get my point" I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. mmkay? Thanks!
  2. zing

    zing Machine Head

    first of all use courier font in notepad to view tabs - otherwise u wont get the exact position of notes - n use
     tags when posting like below
    u already got th first 3 notes
    then u play

    D string 2nd fret
    E string 3rd fret & D string 2nd fret together
    D string open
    D string open
    A string 3rd fret
    A string open & D string 2nd fret together
    G string 4th fret
    G string open
    D string 3rd fret
  3. guitar_man

    guitar_man Banned

    String names

    The regular way to name the strings is
    String no. 1
    String no. 2
    String no. 3
    String no. 4
    String no. 5
    String no. 6

    We do write E B G D A E when we write TABs.But when we speak we say string no. one string no. two and so on....
  4. Sick_Cycle

    Sick_Cycle New Member

    Thanks guys, really helpful..

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