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    I have only been learning staff notations for keyboard but the internet is full of tab notations ..and Im findin it very difficult to resist them :p: --- I have no idea abt reading tabs for keyboard. Appreciate if anyone can explain the following tab notation: (excerpt from Estranged by GnR)

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    :help: :help: :help:
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    ..^^ how I wiiiiiiiiiish I wisssh it was theeereeee... tung ta-da dung dong .. tink tonk tonk :aggre:
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    - The Numbers on the left (5, 4, in the above example) indicate the octave
    - Lowercase Letters are the corresponding notes as natural
    - Uppercase Letters are the corresponding notes as sharp
    - The symbol "|" separates each measure / section of beats
    - The bottom row keeps track of the beats, indicating whole, half, quarter, notes etc.

    ok gyan obtained from:
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    hey can anyone tell me how to convert the guitar tabs into the keyboard notes ??

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