help with electric guitars lp style. shortlisted 3

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  1. kid2050

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    guys, provide help to the needy..! greg bennett av3 vs oscar schmidt oe20 vs ibanez art 200fm. all are les paul style into which i am intrested. are oscar guitars available in india? checkd on furtados they were not there but my friend bought an acoustic oscar guitar..
    any other lp style guitars? ive checked epiphone lp too but it says body is maple and it doesnt look as good as these guitars.. looks, in my case do matter but if i have to part with them for a good guitar, its fine :).. i play rhythm as well as solo and want a guitar that can play jimi hendrix, slash and greeenday... also, how durable they are.. im not a very good keeper of guitars but once i get 1 of these, ill def take care of them the best! please please help!!
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  3. vendettarevived

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    If you can find one, then check out Cort CR250. It's the best one it's range according to me.
  4. kid2050

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    yea i did check d cort250.. it is nice... how much will a greg bennet av6 cost in mumbai?? also, what amp shud i take?
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