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  1. u peoplegave chords ie u can play chords
    when playing chords should u strike all at the same time or should u strike one after the other i cant figure out how to play chords i've got a chord dictionary but dont know how to play thnx for ur help waiting for ur reply mate thnx can u plzzzzzz provide more help to us on chord playing thnx :rule:
  2. DesiPride143

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    don't really know what u r trying to ask but in order to play chords, u have to know the song and when u know the song u'll know when to switch and when to play the diff chords
  3. rabi_sultan

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    chords should be plucked/struck at the same time and they should all individually ring in their sound which means your playing it properly.

    The slower you get the more towards arpeggiation you are getting (which is playing the notes of the chords as individual notes)
  4. i didnot understand it should it pbe played as ding ding ding one after ther other or driiiing ie all at the same time????
    can u suggest me a simple chord song from which i can learn to play chords better thnx
  5. ananth222

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    chords are just groups of notes, and how you play them depends on the song. In some songs you play all notes together in one stroke, in some songs you play them one by one.
    If you play all the strings together in each stroke, its called "strumming", and if you play them one by one, its called an "arpeggio". "Everybody hurts" by REM is a simple song in which chords are played in "arpeggio".
    Songs to start learning to play chords depends more on your taste in music, as its better to start wiht some song you like and will enjoy playing, instead of picking something totally new. Think of some songs you know and ask for chords, then practise it.
  6. yeah can u suggest another song with arpeggio n other for strumming is it true that the last four strings should b hit from their below ie different from the lower ones?????
  7. tejas

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    Chords should be played as "driiing" in one flow. The sound should be singular. If one string is picked after the other, its called an arpeggio.
  8. ananth222

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    could you please rephrase that?

    Some easy songs for strumming:
    Two steps behind (Def Leppard)
    Man who sold the world (Nirvana)
    Wish you were here (Pink Floyd)
    Take it easy (Eagles)
    and a bunch of boy band songs that I don't know about (like "words")

    Some songs for arpeggio playing (more difficult):
    Annie's song by john denver ("you fill up my senses...")
    Don't cry by Guns n Roses
    Is there anybody out there (Pink Floyd instrumental)
  9. jayswami

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    another song for arp-- December by Collective soul

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