HELP with buying a guitar online!!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by petrucci.freak, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. petrucci.freak

    petrucci.freak New Member

    Hey ppl,
    I just joined IGT, glad to be here, anyway i was planning of buying an ESP MH50 from, i bought my korg ax1500g from them so they're pretty reliable and safe but the korg was brought from US to here by a relative who now won't come for god knows how long, so i was just considering it getting internationally shipped, i just wanted to know

    1.Will packaged goods be charged customs through a reputed courier service
    2 How bout if i told my sister who lives there to buy it for me , remove all the price tags and then send it over to here

    I guess the shipping will amount to a lot, (wish i knoew someone from the us who wouldn't mind getting a guitar with a hard case )
  2. Evo Guy 911

    Evo Guy 911 Banned

    Dude ur right. Shipping IS gonna cost a lot. Around $20 least. Unless the merchant has a special offer that above certain amount, the shipping is free. And secondly, if something is couriered, then there is no customs charges on it. But i would suggest that ur sis gets it there, and then send it there. It could shave a couple of bucks off the lot.
  3. chintan9

    chintan9 yay! i won the ipod!

    Dude why dont you do yourself a favour and just refer to other threads. These 'buying online' threads have cropped up all over the place!
  4. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    @ PF : PM me your email and i'll show you the condition of a guitar which came be Courier.. Then think about buying it online and getting it shipped....

    Couriers do have customs.. Who said no customs on courier?
  5. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    bhagwan...guitar aa gaya?? post the pics..i too wud like to knwo the 'condition'
  6. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    Condition is excellent. I dont have my old camera.. My bro has it.. Waiting for him to give it so that i can post some pictures..
  7. hybridindigo

    hybridindigo New Member

    Hey music123 offers shipping across international borders i checked by entering my pin code, they say 120$ or somethin, but customs are what i'm afraid of, already gonne pay a hell lot, dunno wanna sell my house for this, too bad sis ain't gonna come anytime soon, also gonna get the guitar in feb or somethin, you guys sure that customs don't apply for courier
  8. petrucci.freak

    petrucci.freak New Member

    Hey MAN!!! I'm so irritated, called barghavas, i wanted somethin different, hows the Jackson DXMG, saw it for 27grand in but that's overpriced, any good indian musical instrument sites you guys know?

    man i want a new axe bad!!! stupid sis not comin only
  9. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    @ Mysore Boy!!! Jackson DXMG for 27k is not worth it man.. Got for RR3 or RX10D instead.. Also if you are looking at buying a guitar in India, SWEET DREAMS... And If you really really wanna buy it here for for a Custom made one..
  10. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    haha..when i asked the bharat guys whether they stock Jacksons i get the reply:
    " Aria dekho , mast maal hai".
    Hadh hai yaar...Aria dekhna tha to Aria ke liye nahi mangta mein.
  11. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    Aria?? LOL..

    Someone mentioned that Shipping would cost 20$.. I still cant stop laughing.. At 20$, you can get a pack of Plectrums Shipped.. The guys quoted 100$ shipping for a Jackson NEck.. LOL...

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