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    I have been practising barre chords for a few months now...while i now manage to change barre chords swiftly for thumb starts to hurt like hell after a few minutes of continuous playing..especially for songs with fast chord changes...i think it has to do with the position of my thumb...plzzz help wit this prob!!!
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    This is actually a common problem. However, unless one actually sees you playing the guitar it is difficult to identify the areas causing the trouble.

    Even then, I'd hazard the guess that you are applying too much physical tension. Tension translates into gripping the neck of the guitar with more force than necessary. You are 'flexing' your weak muscles that way and forcing them to work harder than they can. It is a fallacy that you need to apply a lot of pressure with your fretting hand. This fatigues your muscles and tires you down. Take it slowly and observe any signs of tension building up. This could hold true for your entire fretting hand, not just the Thumb.

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    Avoiding the aching thumb

    Here is some advice I found for aching thumbs, maybe you will find it helpful too:

    Practise by just taking your thumb off the guitar. If your thumb hurts, it means you are putting too much pressure on your thumb and not enough pressure on your fretting fingers. Practise playing chords by removing your left-thumb from the guitar - this will force you to hammer harder on the frets with your other fingers. Also practise playing melodies in this technique. Soon you will find that you can play the same chords while putting less pressure on your thumb than you do now. Try not to push too hard on the guitar with your thumb.

    (This advice was originally posted by Charles Gacsi on
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    rite prash.
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    Oh prash is always right :nw:
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    You got to keep changes slow and steady.. Steady is the keyword.. Slow or not.. You change chords to your pace you will develop smoothness and speed..
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    thnx for all the advice guyz....i think i can solve my prob now....
    wanted to post earlier.. but am busy in campus recruitment and my final year project..
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    You're always welcome...

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