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  1. rasika

    rasika New Member

    hey all,
    I found lots of chords from this site 4 all songs i like....its a gr8 forum !!
    but i do not understand merely knowing the chords, how can v play the song? how do i know whats da strikin pattern???I may sound very idiotic, but I just have joined guitar classes!! so, need help! waitin for re:
  2. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    got to tell u fact rasika ! i never even know how to hold guitar n pic in hands properly. but i bought a guitar and lerned it completely in 6 months, so much so that i can figure any chords n tabs of most of the songs. and i m posting them now a days.
    u are talking about strummin pattern. i have played tabla and lots of other instruments so it was easy for me to get to the strummin pattern easily. its all about patience. just practise and listen to song carefully to figure out the how the background is playing in it. and after some months u will automatically begain picking up the songs
  3. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    i never joined any classes or anything for learning guitar HATS OFF TO IGT and other internet resources that helped me ! no cost & Expenses i learned it completely in 4 months ! FLAT ! ! ! ! :)
  4. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    Hmmmm.. tough one to actually explain but lets try,.... let me know if its too confusing...

    Firstly, listen to the song you want to play... (try to play a medium to slow song since ur just starting).. listen not to the vocals.. but the beats and the guitars.. the more you listen carefully.. you'll recognize patterns of the guitar and beats of the percussions to the guitar rythm. Once you've got the beats.. start the song in slow motion.. just take a song on a piece of paper and the chords written over it .. for example:
    C D
    There’s a lady who’s sure,
    F Am
    All that glitters is gold.

    To begin with.. sing the song slowly and play the chord just once when the words come (in the example above play F once when the word 'glitters' comes) and go through the whole song like this a couple of times, dont try to strum the chords more than once.. just getting the feel of when exactly to strike the chord will give you an idea off when you need to change from one chord to another.
    Once you're settled with that ... the beats come in... listen to the beats and experiment with four strums per beat measure (many slow songs have around 4 strums per beat measure) and till the next chord change try going four strums per beat measure. Keep referring to the paper to check for the next chord change and change the chords when the appropriate word comes.. if you start with this process slowly you would get it in a short time... and carry on.. once you are comfortable with a slow speed.. practice a couple of more times to be comfortable and then try the song at the actual speed. For best results try a couple of lines at a time. NOw remember at first this might seem a daunting task but nothing comes without practise and trying!!
    Now once you feel you are comfortabel playing the song at the normal speed, play it again.. but this time, whenever the major beats come in... strum a little louder than the rest (this is called accent) .. it will make the rythm much more lively!!!

    Once you are all set with the above, try playing the song without looking at the sheet of paper and play independantly. Dont just listen to the music... feel it and it would come automaticaly to you.

    This should get you started... don't hesitate to ask you guitar tutor to show you chord patterns for songs.. and that should help majorly!!! Start slowly and keep going at it til you nail it... thats the only funda that works with guitars!!! And one more thing.. once you've learnt a song.. keep practicing it once in a while.. or else there's a good chance you'll forget it!! Best of luck!!
  5. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    I laugh at you.....
  6. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    :annoyed: Happens.. Kuch log 4 mahine me hi rockstar ban jaate hain!!!
    Now lets hear from him in how much time he became world famous... tell us boy???
  7. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    @sumantmodak... You think you've learnt to play the guitar completely in 4 months.. Great...But for heaven's sake ... DO NOT lead the beginners to believe in the possibility of the same happenin to them (since that miracle happenned only to YOU).. and let them learn the good old way!!!! WOT say??
  8. rasika

    rasika New Member

    thanx guys!!!
  9. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    :shock: 2 years into guitars now but i still think im on the tip of the iceberg.....and u learnt it in 4 months !!!!!!! whoa.....yaar exxageration ki bhi hadh hoti hai.....:p:

    ok, on topic....
    what i suggest is u first listen to the song many times...try to get the guitar part in tht..uske baad play the chords just strummin once with the song...once u get to know the pattern of the guitar played in the song...ul play it l come to u as u keep on listenin to the song and playin along with it.....and l need practice and patience....

    GUITAR = patience + commitment....:beer:
  10. vishal01

    vishal01 New Member

    Wooops.....that is really fast..god help me!!!!!!!!! From this world
  11. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    hii u all got me a but wrong see basically i am from a muscial family background my mother is a classical singer so i knew scales chords n all the stuff since i was a kid and also singing part of it.
    before i could pick up my guitar i knew playing tabla , harmonium , keyboard , drums , banjo , and lotsa other instruments so guitar:- as understanding what i got to do was very easy for me.
    to tell u the fact i played my first live performance with guitar 4 days after i learnt to hold it correct. i am not fast on guitar i cant play fast with variation but i can find most of the tabs + chords pretty easily, where i get problem i refer to key board and translating tabs & chords of keyboard to a guitar takes notthing more than 5 min.... so thats what i meant :)

    so because of knowledge of most of rythem instrument i played most of strumming patterns easily and because of keyboard knowledge i figure out tabs very easily ! thats all !once i knew how to play a song on keyboard its then same for every instrument just practise is required

    haan talking about practise it takes time, certainly but where there is a will there is a way !!!

    Thanks Guays !
  12. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    see again one more thing i brought my guitar on 1st of october 2005 with extra money i saved from my college fees its been 6 months. and i have started posting tabs + Chords on indian guitar tabs. i posted 5 new songs in 2 days and working on some more songs. i hope u will all like my work and i hope i will able to contribute to IGT ! because u all guays helped me alot learning it.
    Thanks Again ! u can check my latest tabs + Chords! they are included of complte song tunes + chrds patterns and every thing! please comment & suggest if any changes required

    Sumant .A. Modak

    NEXT TO COME IS FANA (AMIR KAJOL) I WILL POST THE SONG BEFORE MANY OF U GET THE MP3's OF it ! ! ! ! ! ! Now thats what i call FAST :))

    Thanks Again !
  13. rasika

    rasika New Member

    u guys are really of good help....

    & sumantmodak,
    i thought u r so fast that u taught muzik director of fana to come up with the songs....
    just kiddin..
  14. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    hey Guays ! Fanaa Song Sumbmitted as promised,
    and as i said thats wat i call fast submission !!! !!! :))

    @ rasika !!! :) music director toh nahi lekin music jarroor aa gaya ! ! !
    Thanks For Ur Response

    Musically Yours,
    Sumant A Modak
  15. Hersch

    Hersch New Member

    I've got shitloads of guitar training manuals and materials including video and audio instructions. Just about covers anything you can think of, music theory, chords, tabs, scales......the works. So if anyone is interested, I could post a few excerpts every week, say like an online course, but freeeee

    So peoples lets have your say
  16. Danny_Rana

    Danny_Rana New Member

    Hey Hersch !!!! That will be gr888 dude .....Plz do it...
  17. vishal01

    vishal01 New Member

    Good you can do it

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