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  1. rock_u

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    hi guys,
    i am a newbie and i find it hard to determine the strumming pattern of a song.
    Could u guys tell me the common strumming patterns like for ex. 1 2& 3& 4&
    drop 3
    is one.
    Please guys that would be a great help for me.
    Thanking you in advance.
  2. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    wat song u r looking for? i dunno 1 2 & 3 stuff.... probably try with

    1 down / 1 up - strum down and then up >> start smoothly
    2 down / 2 up - -----do------
    2 d / 3 up / 1 d.

    Best thing is to catch the drum beats of the song or the rather the rythm of the guitar, i mean u need to develop good ear :).

    Hope this helps

  3. rock_u

    rock_u New Member

    thanks socho......
    i am looking Anjane by string.
  4. vini

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    1- Plz make such query(beginner/novice/newbie) threads in Beginner's Q & A Forum
    2- This thread would be moved to above mentioned ^
  5. vini

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  6. rock_u

    rock_u New Member

    Thanks ...i have searched after posting the thread...and got lot of help...
  7. shaileshh

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