Help songs to improve CHords F#m, Eb, Bb, B, Gbar Gm, G#, G#m ????

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  1. Annieston

    Annieston New Member

    Hi guitarists..

    I am a basic guitar player relying on basic chords..
    I wanna grow like u all..
    pls help me with your hints and songs

    Tnx for all

    SUNDARRAJ New Member

    Guitar Chords

    please use the above link for the chords....

    u can understand the bar chords easily..we u start from F,Fm, F#, F#m..etc till E, chord position is same for all..except the position will change first practice the position of bar chords...remaining u ll get wen u start practicing..

    use the variation-2 for bar chords in the above link...
  3. Annieston

    Annieston New Member

    Tnk u Sundar raj!!
    Sure I'm on it!!!
  4. akilan_r

    akilan_r New Member

    Hi, For practicing on Barre Chords, you may try to learn this song. Bad Finger - day after day, it consists of 2 barre chords F Major, Bb and with open chords G major and C major. Both F and Bb major chords can be played with barre on 1st fret using index finger. The link to the lesson is How to Play "Day After Day" by Badfinger on acoustic guitar « Acoustic Guitar

    I found with my little experience that in addition to going through the lessons, it will be interesting if you practice songs like this and that will give you great experience for playing along with the song.

    As this is the forum for posting chords related to tamil songs, there is a thread available you can go through, very nice to play in keyboard as well -

    I find this song is also quite interesting, but difficult for beginner to play , any simpler version available?

  5. Annieston

    Annieston New Member

    Hi akilan, Thank u so much...
    I'll try now!!

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