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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by h311b0y, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    I have been playing acoustic guitar for a few years now and have finally managed to convince certain people to let me buy an electric guitar! So I am planning on buying an electric guitar, an amplifier and a processor sometime next week.

    My budget is around 20k, although I may be able to fluctuate it a little (preferably down!). I will mostly be playing inside my apartment, so I don't really need a loaded amp. I also definitely want to buy a processor, so I would prefer not to spend extra on an amp because of its distortion.

    Here's what I have so far:


    Squier Fat Strat : This is my first choice. This is probably the most common guitar available in my price range. But after reading various reviews, I am starting to worry about my choice. Reviews say that the quality is seriously poor, using the vibrato makes it go out of tune, electronics are horrible etc. Am I worrying too much?

    Yamaha PAC112 Pacifica : This is another good option. Seems to have comparitively better quality. Once again though, I am reading some bad things about the electronics built into it. I'm also unsure of its price in India. I want a good balance between the Amp and effects too, so I need to control the cost of the guitar a little.

    Epiphone Les Paul : This was another favourite, but it has a fixed bridge. I really would like to have a vibrato in the guitar. Also, the quality of Epiphones is supposed to be terrible under $400...

    Ibanez GRX20 : This one seemed quite good, but for the classic rock songs that I want to play, I think 2 humbuckers might be the wrong way to go (being a guitar novice, I'm just guessing here from what I've read). It seems like this is a good buy, but I'm not sure of the quality (due to the low price...).

    Apmplifier :

    Marshall MG10CD : This one seems good enough for practicing at home and for a small band get-together. This is most probably what I'll end up buying. I might also consider it's 15W brother if I have some money left over...

    Roland Micro Cube : This seems to be the most popular one for beginners. It costs around Rs. 6k(?). I have heard that it can't be heard at all over drums. This might be a problem later on as I am planning on joining a band sometime in the next 2 months...

    Effects :

    This pretty much depends on how much I have left over after the guitar and Amplifier. I really would like an expression pedal to be built in. The minimum would then be a Zoom 606 or 707 which would set me back around 5k. That leaves me with 15k for a guitar and Amplifier! If I go with the Strat, I will probably be left with enough to get a G2.1U.

    Basically I need help with prices, other options and your experiences with any of the above gear regarding quality and usage. I plan on playing live every now and then.

    Also, I am based in Hyderabad. The only decent music store I have found here is one called "Khords", which seems to be a huge ripoff...If there are any other Hyderabadi's stalking these forums, I'd love to know if there are any better places to buy my gear!
  2. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Guitar: grg150 (H-S-H)
    its a versatile guitar..will suit classic rock as well as metal.-
    Amp: laney lx12 (mg10cd suks)- 3.5k
    FX: zoom g2-
    prices r very high right now.wait if u can.
  3. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member


    That guitar is quite nice! Thanks! I have to say that I am really not liking the Ibanez look :p

    I suppose the Amplifier you mentioned is the Laney LG12 (not LX)? It seems like a really good, no-frills amp! Just what I need!

    About the Zoom G2, it doesn't seem to have a pedal built in :( I really like it's features though! Is the pedal really needed or am I just being finicky over nothing? I mainly want one to use as a Wah-Wah.

    Also about the parents have been delaying this purchase for a while now (in the order of a few years!) because of my studies, and I really can't wait any longer :D I know it's foolish to buy when prices are so high, but like I said, I don't mind fluctuating the price a little if I have to. I just want to buy this as soon as possible!
  4. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Yeah M in the same situation too!bt the prices hav rose by 15-20%,tats too much!
    Well if u dont like ibanez,then do chek out greg bennett avion av3..real kickass guitar.
  5. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    I was talkin abt laney 'lx12':)
    go for zoom 606 2 if u need xpression pedal.
  6. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member


    No vibrato!

    Now that I got all excited over the LG12, the LX12 seems comparitively I'll definitely try it out!

    I was also thinking of going for the Zoom 606. It seems to have a decent effects set and the expression pedal. I'm not sure of its price and availability though. It seems to be a discontinued product of Zoom...
  7. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    606 2 is definitely not costs abt 6k in mumbai.
    So u ditchin av3? Tat piece is a beauty,wat sustain wat luks!!,nd nt to forget seymour duncan pups!
  8. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    I'll definitely go for a 606 in that case. It seems like it has just about everything I need!

    The Avion AV3 looks really amazing I have to admit, but I really would prefer a guitar with a vibrato. I also prefer a double cutaway shape similar to the Stratocaster. I was thinking of buying an average guitar now and upgrading the pups later maybe.

    Wow! I'm really confused! Is the vibrato worth it? Are the guitars I mentioned any good? I hear the Pacifica range is really good craftsmanship.
  9. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    It depends upon ur playin style.neway the use of vibrato easily makes the guitar go out of tune.
  10. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    im so glad in bought my ibanez grg170dx this june! never thought it would be costlier by 2.5 k!

    as for you....
    the pacifica range is ok...not that great....i've tried em out.....
  11. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    I just spoke to my dad and told him about the rise in prices due to the dollar value. Since one of my friends is visiting India from the US in December, I will be asking him to get along a guitar for me. Thanks to telling my dad, the budget has also been raised too! I am now looking for any good guitars for upto $450. That's $450 for JUST a guitar!

    Suggestions please!
  12. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    now tat adds to ur confusion!
  13. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    So far I'm leaning towards the Fender Standard Strat. Comes for $399. Seems like a good buy. I can't decide between SSS or HSS configuration...Any other suggestions?
  14. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    U mean fender strat made in usa.go for it without thinkin anymore.
  15. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    No no. This is a Mexican Strat I believe. American Strats are around $700 more! The quality is supposed to be really good even for the Mexican one...

    I will probably end up going with this. I'm just not able to figure out whether I should go for an SSS or HSS. I want to play mostly classic rock (Hendrix, Zeppelin, SRV etc.) and anything that sounds good. I might get into some metal once I get it...What would you recommend?
  16. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

  17. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    HSS.Two single coils for the blues nd classic stuff,humbucker for the growl of hard rock.
  18. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    the humbucker also for the noise reduction.......
  19. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Yeah.. ofcourse
  20. h311b0y

    h311b0y New Member

    I played an HSS and SSS an hour ago. I don't see the big deal in a humbucker in the bridge. In fact I liked the Single coil sound at the bridge. I think I will most probably go for an SSS..

    Another thing is that the mexican strats like the one I'm buying are coming pre-routed for HSH. So if I ever want the humbucker sound, I can always get one put in without the pain of getting routing done!

    Here's the mostly final decision : Fender Standard Stratocaster (SSS), Black, Maple Fretboard

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