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  1. ankur44in

    ankur44in New Member

    hello to everyone.. i'm playing guitar from last 6 months with out any teacher. now able to play most of songs because i'm perfect on chords. but the problem here comes ... that
    ........ i'm not able to catch strumming pattern for the songs. also the strumming
    pattern is not mension anywhere with songs on any site thats why it is very hard to catch them.

    catching the strumming pattern is comes naturaly for some people but i'm not from those so .....

    anyone plz suggest some common or specific strumming pattern.
  2. ejazzz0801

    ejazzz0801 New Member

    k here is one of the most useful strummin pattern..its speed can be altered to suite almost any song...


    firstly just hold any chord u like (Em or Am etc) n keep on practising this strum for about half an hour...then proceed to changing cords while strumming...
    u will gradually start to develop ur own strums once u get d hang of this one...
  3. ankur44in

    ankur44in New Member

    thanks ejazzz0801, i'm doing practise that one... also i have knowledge of another simple one DDUUD DDUUD (papa kahte h).
    but the problem is still how to recognise the pattern of songs (not accurate but atleast approximate) ...

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