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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by bobbit_uncut, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. bobbit_uncut

    bobbit_uncut Banned

    Dont laugh on this, this is very important:
    We are actually looking out for a house on rent and I have received one very good offer.

    However the fact remains that I need to make a choice based on somethign very stupid (but still important),

    Whether to go for the Indian Toilet or Western one?

    Believe me it is important and makes a hell lot difference.
    I need the pros n cons to make the decision
  2. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    House.. in Bikini Islands.. :p:
  3. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    lmao...abe go for western...u can read books nd stuff....nd if u feel patriotic u can do indian style on western too :p:

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  4. jekyll

    jekyll Banned


    which one do u find more enjoyable?
    thats it go for it
  5. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    go for western yaar........indian toilets are like sitting a frog n doing shi.t
  6. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    but u get more satisfaction on indian seats.. :p:
  7. western anyday
    ill die if id 2 use an indian toilet
  8. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    Indian loos r da best...

  9. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    hhaah lol...precisely..the reason..for satisfaction..

    st(r)atisfaction guranteed... :grin:
  10. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    I actually meant indian style...we can very well adapt ourselfs with indian style....on western loos :beer:
  11. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    but psychologically ppl who have used indian seats wld prefer them...(cleanliness) ;)
  12. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    naah man....WESTERN RULZ....
    the problem with indian is .." what if u slip while squating ??" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    hahahha ...lolz.. ;)
  14. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    yea...dat is sad...but look at da positive pt...squatting is good excercise for ur the more no. of times u go to the loo...more muscles..

    nd the western style is unbearable during cold....wen u sit on it with bare ass....touching it can send shivers
  15. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H the indian style..u can hav a MUD bath 2 !!:D....... * very very soothing *
  16. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    yea and good for skin too....better than vico termeric (nahi cosmetic) :beer:
  17. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned did i miss all this?!......indians are the best in no 1,2,3 business! can always pot a wierdo peeing in bushes, highway, kopchas, lakes, swimming pools!
  18. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    u missed out...bridges, walls ....and last but not least .... RAILWAY TRACKS !!!!
    they dont have even a fear of being run over by the train....
  19. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    yeah dude, i did miss walls and how can i miss railway tracks!......locals remain locals no matter what...even if george bush comes for a visit he will notice all these!
  20. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    look at the positive pt again...if there is fire in any train u hav sooo mny ppl by the track with their pee hoses :beer:

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