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    hey i need sum help ......i m playin guitar since 2 or 3 months.....i can easily play chords which wer on net...........but i wanna ask u how can i tab out any song my self ....means how can i judge :think: the chords myself & play the solos of the this thing required sum lessons aur only experience :confused: ......plZz reply 2 me :please: ......

  2. annand

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    you've been playing for two to three months and you wanted to tab solos??? i don't see you or anyyone doing that unless you have perfect pitch. there is not lesson that can teach you that, but experience.

    you may go ahead and try to figure it out, but it is lots of work. listen to the note and try to find it on the guitar. there's not guide to teach you, but experience - it helps you recognized sound and pitches.

    some good advice: don't waste your time trying to tab songs. yes, if feels good to complete a tab by yourself, but why tab a song that's already been tabbed... by a pro. tab a song for which there is no tab.

    you're a beginner, don't waste your time with tabbing, learn to play first.
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