[Help Req] Cort CR-250 With Stop Tail Piece / With out Stop Tail Piece ???

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by srikanthmr, May 15, 2012.

  1. srikanthmr

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    Hello Guys,

    Greetings to all, Iam an acoustic guitar player with few years of practice. Now Iam planning to move to an electric guitar.
    I have always been dragged towards a Les Paul by Slash :)

    But my budget doesnt allow me to even think of gibson. Next in line for me is a Cort-CR250 Les Paul look alike. I know its one of the better mid range electrics.

    Iam from bangalore, and checked with Soundglitz for availability, the store owner(Siddarth) called with two options CR250 with Stop tail peice and Cort CR250 without stop tail piece. Prices are 16K and 20k, i dont remember which price for what model. He has informed me that this is the only difference given in the catalog... and he does not have any CR250 on stand for me to check.

    I couldn't find any information on internet regarding stop tail piece difference in CR250... Can you guys please help me with information on whats the main difference between two so that I can quickly go ahead and order my guitar :)
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  2. guitarplayer729

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    both bridges are same
    the difference is that the in the w/out tail piece version the strings come out through the bottom of the body
    and in the with tail piece the strings are joined at the tailpiece
    but i dont think that cr250 has 2 versions

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  3. srikanthmr

    srikanthmr New Member

    thank you :)

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply guitarpalyer :)

    I need to talk to the store again to check if he was refering to cr280 ?? I have checked on bajaao.com cr250 is 16k and cr280 is 20k online.

    I hope to get it real soon :)
  4. Dalinda

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