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    Hey frnds m just a newbie exactly a newbie to this site & even guitar i just started learning last week from a music sir

    He uses C D E F G A B C° in begining i managed to play a few hindi songs for practice But when i came to this site i m confused as if where can i find those kinda stuff where in i can play the song not the chords what the word for that & all... help me frnds
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    chords are different things... don't go for dem b4 u r able 2 understand y dey r formed... Check out teh beginner section for Chromatic exercises, scales (Go for teh major and minor scales now), Finger teasers, Spiders etc....If u find any problem...PM me or any member whom u find suitable...
    Best of luck and welcome to the world of Guitaring...
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    Duder .. welcome to IGT, guitar lessons are here to stay and there's never been a better time to learn how to play. This site should help you make some good choices, and also serve as an educational hub for the emerging future of on line guitar music and guitar music lessons. We hope you will find something here from time to time that makes you even more passionate about playing guitar music. Welcome Aboard.

    Probably the best thing to do dude is to set a goal. Do you have a song (hopefully easy, let's not jump headlong into Eruption your first time out) in particular you want to learn? If so, find out what the basic chords are. Start with "open" chords even if it doesn't sound exactly like the ones in the song.

    Once you figure out the basic chords, then you have to teach your hands to move between them. This is probably the hardest thing and will take you a few weeks to move between the basic open chord shapes if you're just starting out, depending on how much you practice.

    Having a song to learn is also much more interesting than just practicing random chords over and over. It'll also show you how chord progressions in songs are typically used, stuff like I-IV-V and all that.

    And keep at it! Once you get the first song down, you'll be amazed at how easy the next one comes. And always try to figure out a song yourself before running to the INTERNET for help with chords or tablature. It's good practice for your hands and your ears, especially when you finally get to play with other people and have to learn a song on the spot.

    Also, practice scales and patterns. Yeah, it's boring, and I didn't do it for the first several years I played. I wish I had now that I've started to. All those solos I used to think sounded really fast and complicated before? They're not...

    I will strongly suggest you not to go for tabs or play tabs right away .. as its like a easy way out .. if anyone asks you to to play a song and you go like umm dude i dun know the song or how does it go BUT I CAN PLAY TABS?? thats a BOOOO i swear.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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