help PHIR MOHOBAT GUITAR chords (murder 2)

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  1. Ayaaan

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    Guys i am new in this field... this is my hobby so guys help me out with this i need to perform this song on stage please view this video and comment me did i used corrects cords or not... did any thing i need to improve

    Ayan - Phir Mohobat (MurderII) - YouTube

    i am not good but want to be good so guys help
    any suggestions are most welcome

    Guys i played
    Am............ E........... F........... Am..............

    i want to play and sing both at one time...
    thanks in advance

  2. deluded

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    Hope this helps....

    Jab(Am) jab tere paas(Em) main aaya, Ik(C) sukoon(G) mila(Am)
    Am Em C G Am
    Jise main tha bhoolta aaya, Wo wajood mila
    Am Em C G Am
    Jab aaye mausam gham ke, Tujhe yaad kiya

    Am Em C G Am
    Jab sehme tanhapan se, Tujhe yaad kiya

    Hmm..(Am)dil... Sam(G)bhal ja zara(Em)

    Phir(C) mohabbat karne(Em) chala hai tu(Am)
    Am G Em
    Dil yahin ruk jaa zara
    C Em Am
    Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

    G Em G
    Aisa kyun kar hua janu naa
    F C Am
    Main janu naa o..o..

    Jis raah pe, hai ghar tera
    F Am
    Aksar wahan se, haan main hoon guzra
    shayad yahin dil mein raha
    F G
    Tu mujh ko mil jaye, Kya pata...
    C Am

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