Help: Number of ways to play sargam on guitar(or any musical instrument)?

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    Hello all,
    I just began guitar learning 2 months back but i had to leave the classes due to some reason.

    I have one major doubt.
    the "saa" of Indian classic music correcponds to note "C" of western music, right?

    so there are 6 "C"s on the guitar fret(till 11th fret), each one on a differnet string.

    so that means there should be 6 ways to play sargam on guitar(till 11th string)!!

    so even if i play this thing on my guitar


    it still sounds like "saa re gaa maa......" and the first note of this thing(3rd fret on 6th string) is "G".. so my question is why and how? why are there unlimited ways to play sargam on guitar fret when there are just 6 "C" notes till 11th fret?

    Help Needed!
  2. Ashyantony7

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    The tab you posted there is a G major scale.. My best advice is to forget your classical knowledge for a while and just learn the guitar with western music theory. Once you have learnt the theories of music ( I meant western ) you can think about combining your ideas of indian classical to it.

    and to answer your question of why so many ways of playing the same note on the guitar.. well, if you get advanced enough in guitar you will start to play sweeps , tremolo pickings, slides , alternate picking, legato , etc,.. etc.. which will be IMPOSSIBLE if the guitar isn't designed this way.. and of course this allows players to play a variety of chords such as Em M7 ..

    So my final advice is empty your mind and learn guitar the way it should be learned..

    Cheers. Happy guitaring.. :)

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