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  1. UyIrE_uYiRe

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    Hi GuYs..JusT BoUgHt MaSeLf a GuItAr N aM sO eAgEr 2 StArT lEaRnInG HoW 2 PlAy bUt DuNNo hOw 2 TuNe ThE gUiTaR..TrIeD sEaRcHiNg tHe WeB bUt CoUld NoT fInD aNY hElP..CaN aNy1 PlZ hElp Me..ThAnKs LoAdS...

    P.S..If AnY1 CaN pOiNt Me In ThE riGhT dIrEcTiOn In LeArNiNg How 2 PlAy ThE gUiTaR iT wOuLd rEaLLy hElP 2...ThAnKs AgAin...
  2. abhimanjrekar

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    the best one is listen to the first note of NOTHING ELSE MATTERS by metallica..its the E note..and then go on tuning gradually....
  3. jozko

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    Uyire, please write in more readable format.

    You can download excellent software tuner (AP tuner) here http://www.cerlsoundgroup.org/main.html

    I am learning from net, so feel free to ask for any help or resource you need.

    Lot of gurus here and articles too. best
  4. ronnieanand

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    @UyIrE_uYiRe. Reading you post almost gave me a headache. Write it properly when you asking for help. You dont need to show attitudes here.
  5. highwaystalker

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    giutar tuner software


    ucan download various guitar tuning software from the net. As u r a beginner, i would recommend a very simple sofware called

    'Budgo Tuner'

    Of course there are plenty of other tuner softwares on the net too.

    In any case, you would ultimately have to rely on ur ears.

    All the best !!!
  6. UyIrE_uYiRe

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    Thank u so much guys...

    hi guys..sorry for the late late thank u but had some probs with ma comp..anyway thank u so much guys..really apperciate it...n sorry the writing style..no attitude or pun intended, its just the way i write...so sorry..anyway thanks a million once more n have a nice day..byeeee
  7. Seelan

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    what the heck , only a typin style .. but yah , start learning from Nothing Else Matter as well... superb song! fade to black also ... and yup , Hellowed be thy name by Cradle of Filth

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