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  1. milesfastguy

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    hi guys. i m learning to play the guitar n i think that IGT is a great place for this. i m very good at picking n can play lot of songs. but, my problem is that I CANT STRUM. i don know why. but i m very poor at that. i know all the basic 24 chords by heart. i also know the slash chords, sus chords, 7th, 9th chords as well as some barre shapes. but i simply cant utilise these in strumming songs. i find it hard to switch chords quickly n cleanly. i also hav a problem with strumming patterns.
    plz guys help me out. give me some ways to learn to strum. do i need to learn more chords? if yes then how many because they are endless. i would be thankful if someone gives me some guitar exercises to develop my strumming and for quick chord switching. also plz clarify on strumming patterns. eg a few days ago i saw a song on IGT with the pattern d-du-du.
    after that the chords were as say eg


    now is this pattern to be applied to the chords together or individually??
  2. AceRoom

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    The whole pattern is for one chord. Then you switch to the next chord with the same strumming and so on. Strumming doesn't actually need complicated chords. Simple ones are just fine. Start with those and then try using 9th, sus chords, and slash chords.
  3. sayantan_guha

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    initially just strum the chords u get a little better at switching the chords start strumming DOWN UP DOWN UP......and by then i think u will be able to play any kind of strumming
  4. paranoid13rohan

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    learning more chord patterns won't help you improve your strumming.
    since you have problems in changing chords while strumming, try this ~
    choose atleast 4 chords (simple ones like C,Am,F,G will do initially). play simple strumming like | d u d u | for each chord and switch to the next chord.
    keep practicing this. once you feel you are done, use other chords and other strumming patterns like | d - d u | d u d u |.

    cheers :beer:
  5. rashrahul4u

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    My suggestion to you that you first learn some fundamental strumming patterns like WALTZ the counting for which is 1:2:3: this is one barr for Waltz. Try and play this pattern on any chords sequence. Start slowly play two barrs on each chords and progress. As you feel you are cleanly switching over from one chord to another increase your tempo.
  6. mishigun

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    It Will Take Some Time

    Few days back I was also having the same problem like you...that is really frustrating when you know the chords and you are dieing to play the song but you dont know how to strum .......the easiest way of that, you should play guitar with your friend one who know the guitar if you play with him you will pick the strumming is difficult to understand the srumming by listning the song...if you dont have any friend... then you should have an account on where you can find the songs played on accoustic guitar than it would be easy for you to play the song..if you will try this i am sure with in a week you can play most of the songs.....and once your hand is set for the strumming ..then you can start playing song as soon as you hear the song....Enjoy :rock:
  7. saurabhrocks

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    nothin's more easy on the guitar than strumming. hear a simple song. and try to figure out how it's done the d u d method is not a very precise method of telling the strumming pattern.

    just try to do it, it will sound nonsense at first, because ur hand is not used to the movement. and slowly u'll get used to it

    and mind u start with the basic chords first, c f g etc or the d a e , chords sound cool the d a and e chords were used on the song roobaroo- rang de basanti, love it.

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